Leaving First Data?

If you're leaving First Data, you need to understand how your benefits are affected by this employment status change. Please refer to this page to learn about your options.

What Happens to Your Benefits? 

The 2018 benefits termination letter has details regarding all of your First Data health and life benefits, including medical, dental, vision, Health Savings Accounts, Employee Assistance Program, life insurance and many others. Refer to this spreadsheet whenever you have questions regarding your health and life benefits.

What are Your Options for Medical Coverage? 

You have a few options when you're losing First Data medical coverage. These options include:

  • Moving to a spouse's healthcare plan
  • Finding insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace found at www.healthcare.gov
  • Using Medicaid (if eligible)
  • COBRA Continuous Coverage

When you lose employer-based healthcare, you qualify for a special enrollment period through a spouse's employer or www.healthcare.gov. Losing employer-based healthcare is considered a qualified status change.

You can also enroll in Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) any time of the year. In all states, Medicaid and CHIP provide free or low-cost health coverage for some individuals, families, children, pregnant women and the elderly with certain income and people with disabilities.

In some states, the program covers all adults below a certain income level.

Visit Healthcare.gov to learn more about Medicaid and CHIP or click here to find the phone number for your state Medicaid or CHIP office. 

For questions regarding COBRA coverage, please read the Department of Labor's FAQs. For specific questions regarding First Data's COBRA coverage, please call Benefit Concepts at (800) 969-2009.

2018 First Data Monthly COBRA Premiums

For Managers

If you are a manager of an exiting employee, please refer to the Exiting Employee section found on FirstWeb.