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Healthy teeth can mean a healthier body. Studies show that routine dental care can help prevent serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease, premature births and complications of diabetes.

Your Dental Plan Options

Your First Data dental benefits help with the cost of preventive and routine care as well as restorative care and orthodontia. You share in the cost of your coverage with before-tax dollars deducted from your paycheck. You can choose from up to three plans to tailor your coverage to your family. 

For a complete Summary of Benefits, please visit Communications and look at the Summary Plan Description.

Aetna Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) plan:
You select a primary care dentist (PCD) who provides routine and basic care, and referrals to dental specialists within the Aetna network. Benefits are paid only when your PCD provides or coordinates your care. There is no deductible to meet and no annual benefit maximums.

MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (PDP): Plan A and Plan B
You may visit any licensed dentist for care, but you'll save when you choose dentists within MetLife's network. You meet a deductible each year, then pay a percentage of covered expenses. The plan has annual and lifetime benefit maximums.

For additional information, please refer to the 2019 First Data MetLife Dental Plan Summary.




Please click here for the MetLife Claim Form. 

When completing the form, please include:

  • Report Number (box #6):
    85862 for MetLife Preferred Dentist Program Plan A 
    308129 for MetLife Preferred Dentist Plan B
  • Name of Group Dental Program (box #10)
    First Data Corporation

Aetna DMO

  • Group Number 876518

Find A Dentist

For more information and to find network dentists in your area, visit:

MetLife and Find a Dentist or call MetLife PDP Plans at 877.638.4332.

Aetna and DocFind® or call Aetna DMO at 800.843.3661.


For dental communications, please click here.