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Business Travel Accident

The Business Travel Accident Insurance Program includes all global owner-associates (full-time and part-time), eligible guests and eligible interns on authorized First Data business travel. 

For detailed information, review the Business Travel Accident Plan Summary.  Below is an overview of how the plan works.

How the Plan Works

First Data provides extra protection if you die or are severely injured in an accident while traveling for your job. These benefits are paid in addition to amounts paid from your life insurance and AD&D plans. In certain circumstances, your spouse, dependent children, interns and other guests are eligible for coverage when they accompany you. 

If you die as a result of a business travel accident, your beneficiary will receive benefits in addition to employee life insurance, supplemental life insurance and AD&D coverage, if you are enrolled in these plans. Your beneficiary will need to file a claim for benefits. 

If the accident results in paralysis or the loss of your hand, foot, sight, hearing, speech or thumb and index finger, you will receive the applicable percentage of benefits. You will need to file a claim for benefits. 

In certain circumstances, the plan may provide other benefits, such as medical payments and dependent coverage, as well. Certain exclusions apply. 

The plan provides a specific amount of coverage (called the "principal sum") of coverage class: 

The policy contains reductions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions.